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"The service offered by Downing Partners (DP) is exceptional. It would be impossible for me to conduct my financial business without the constant input from DP. I have been a client of DP for 13 years and have never been disappointed in their service. The outstanding features of the company are punctual and accurate tax management, daily practice and office management, sound investment advice and appropriate retirement planning. I would not hesitate to recommend the financial, tax and management services of Downing Partners to anyone!"

Dr Johann Raats
Onkoloog van panaorama

'Downing Partners has been Sansure's  Financial Advisor, Accountant and Compliance Officer for many, many years. During all these years, Paisley Downing has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and an exceptional dedication to his clients.

Though Paisley is all of the above to our Company, he is also in an unofficial leadership role. Many of my employees, family and friends seek his advice and support.  

If you have any questions regarding Paisley or this recommendation, please contact me.'

Johan van Zyl






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